Mini Ballet Taster

Children ages 3-5

We are delighted to introduce our Mini Ballet Taster course, a magical four-lesson adventure for children ages 3-5. This special program gently introduces little ones to the world of dance, letting them enjoy the basics of movement, rhythm, and coordination in a playful and nurturing environment. The Mini Ballet Taster is a wonderful way for parents and instructors to see if their child is ready for our Pre-Ballet program, ensuring they are happy and comfortable as they take their first steps in dance. This delightful course offers a perfect opportunity for children to explore their love for movement, ballet, gain confidence, and build the essential skills they’ll need to twirl into their dancing dreams!

Enrollment is now open, and your child can join at any time for a delightful series of x 4 consecutive lessons. If your little one enjoys the experience, they can seamlessly move into our beloved Pre-Ballet program. The Mini Ballet Taster is designed as a special introduction to ballet, offering a joyful transition into our permanent Pre-Ballet group. Please note that the Mini Ballet Taster is a one-time participation course, created to help children discover their love for dance and prepare for the next step in their ballet journey. We can’t wait to welcome your child into this magical experience!


Autumn 2024 Enrollment Open

9.9.24 x 4

Sundays 11:00-11:45