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Our Dance Studio

In the Heart of Prague

This dance studio is the culmination of an international career in dance. Built out of a respect and a belief, that everyone can dance given a professional, supportive and encouraging environment. Dance is a process, and the process is the important aspect, the journey of self-discovery, joy and community.

Rosa has been a professional dancer, choreographer, and teacher for over 25 years. Working with international dance companies touring worldwide, a performer and creator, has won her much press coverage and awards for her work. Rosa has been invited as a choreographer and teacher to the City Center Theatre in New York City, Susan Delal Center in Telaviv, and the Iasi and Bucharest Opera to name a few. Rosa teaches regularly at Dance Conservatories and is on the Jury of dance competitions. Rosa is known professionally for her easy informal approach, ability to integrate a variety of dance styles into a single performance, increasing movement vocabulary and bringing out the best in each dancer.

Rosa studied at the Dance Conservatory of Granada, Spain, Ballet, Classical Spanish Dance, and Contemporary. Continuing her dance studies in N.Y.C. at Jose Limon Studios and Steps on Broadway. Rosa has also worked and studied Flamenco and Classical Spanish Dance in Seville, Spain where she was a scholarship winner.

In addition, Rosa has a B.A. in Art and is currently working to complete a MAS in Dance Science.


A Passion for Dance, Movement Techniques and Personal Expression

A Warm & Gentle Approach

Commitment to Dance

For dance to happen children need to feel comfortable and safe in their environment. Kids see each other each week in class and a stable, warm, consistent dance environment is created, a place to express and enjoy.

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Commitment to Self Development and Holistic Health

Each person has the ability to increase their physical, emotional well-being through our programs.

Our goal is to provide quality instruction through caring, professional instructors, in a friendly warm atmosphere. Well-rounded bodies and minds are based on a variety of training techniques.

We offer quality courses and workshops in differing holistic fields to complement the individual, find inner balance and a calm point from which to begin our journey.

Commitment to Students

Founder and Artistic Director, Rosa Olympia Estrella, strongly believes in making professional dance training accessible to everyone. We dance to tell a story, and that story is you!

We promote and encourage strong self-confidence, self-respect, discipline and a friendly community to train, develop and grow. Enjoying not only the dance but the harmony of the group and the friendships formed. We are a dance family!

Commitment to Children

Building Self-Esteem One Leap at a Time!

Kids are the heart of the studio’s activities. Quality and excellence extend to all our children’s dance programs. They deserve only the best, and our kids’ dance courses are structured to form well-rounded dancers, encouraging strong self-worth within each child. Each dance program is age appropriate and designed to increase their strengths in a joyful and fun atmosphere. We coined the phrase “A Warm and Gentle Approach to Kids Dance”.

Commitment to the Process & Trial Lessons

For dance to happen children need to feel comfortable and safe in their environment. Kids see each other each week and a stable, warm and consistent dance class is created, a place to express and enjoy. We require the commitment of one season. It is a small amount of time but important.

The Studio does not offer trial lessons because we don’t find these to be in any way beneficial or indicative of interest or ability on the part of the child. The consistency of a class is what really makes the experience valuable. Many children are naturally hesitant on initial contact, and it takes them time to settle into a new activity and environment. It is also difficult for participating children to have Trial kids coming in and out of lessons. It deters the progress of the participating children and creates an unstable environment, that becomes more animation than dance.

If you would like to get to know us, please schedule a virtual visit to the Studio!